T.G.I.F. Books You Put Down

What was the last book you couldn’t finish? or had a hard time finishing?

I have a hard time not finishing a book. I take it as a personal challenge. I don’t know why. Well except in college, I didn’t finish a lot of those books. There is only one book sitting on my shelf left half read. It is The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl. It made me really sad to give up on it. I read The Dante Club by him years ago and LOVED it. He also has one out about Dicken’s death. But I like to read things in order, so I picked up Poe first. I slugged through 249 pages before I put it down. It wasn’t bad. It kept gearing up to find out something about Poe’s death, then leave me with a dead end…time and time again. I may try again. Maybe it just wasn’t a good pool read for last summer.

Despite what I said about The Poe Shadow, I highly recommend The Dante Club. The first 60 pages are rough, but after that you can’t put it down.

2 responses to “T.G.I.F. Books You Put Down

  1. I just bought The Last Dickens, but I didn’t realise there were another two books before that one… Are they supposed to be read in order? The blurb on the back doesn’t suggest that it is… I hope it’s not because I really like the sound of it and want to get to it soon! :)

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