Blue Bloods Flashbacks

During the Once Upon a Read-a-thon, I worked on getting caught up on some series. My students love the Blue Bloods and I hadn’t read any of them. So I checked all of them out for the summer. Since the series has been around a while and much-loved, I don’t think you really need a review from me. I love connections & love pop culture. Now some of the references in Melissa de la Cruz’s books fell on friendly ears. But I am not so sure some of you young readers know what she is talking about.

Boone’s Farm…During my day, Boone’s Farm is what you cut your teeth on. It was the first alcoholic thing you drank, especially girls. It was cheap ($2.99) for a wine bottle size full of sweet goodness. I think we used to say it should come with a nipple on it. I was feeling nostalgic years later and bought some–OMG, my tastes have changed for the better. (Masquerade, pg 24)

Dynasty…One of the first evening soap operas. It came on Fridays of all times. But it was so worth watching. The goofy soap opera romance, backstabbing and cat fights were divine. Lifestyles of the rich and famous and all their trashiness. (Masquerade, pg 102)

21 Jump Street…I fell in love with Johnny Dep and never fell out. The first and only teen drama for me. Sorry I couldn’t get into 90210. If Kinglsey really looks like that, I might even fall out of love with Jack Force for him. (Masquerade, pg 265)

3 responses to “Blue Bloods Flashbacks

  1. Boone’s!! Yup, our grocery store sold them 3 for $5! lol And *swoon* Johnny Depp! :)

  2. I know all about Dynasty and 21 Jump Street, but thanks for filling me in on Boone’s Farm. Glad you enjoyed the series. Fun post!

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