Book & A Movie: The Summer I Turned Pretty + Indian Summer

The Summer I Turned Pretty was a fun book to read this summer. I wish I had a summer home on the beach that I could go to every summer. Even better, I wish I had two awesome boys to hang out with and maybe fall in love with while at the beach house. This summer is a little more complicated than the previous. Belly is getting older and isn’t content to be the little sister this year. She wants to see if there is anything there with Conrad. What makes us crazy is that both Conrad and Jeremiah obviously love Belly. Girls are standing in line for both of them. They boys’ mom, Savannah, is struggling with cancer and divorce. So this year is one big mess. Growing up kind of sucks.

I almost picked the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I love how those best friends go back to the lake house every year and then with their kids. Now go revisit this movie, because it is awesome. But I didn’t pick it, because it is more about friends and the mother-daughter relationship. I love Indian Summer and if you haven’t seen it–do it. Indian Summer is about a summer camp. *sigh* I never got to go to summer camp either. These kids come back year after year. They develop friendships, date and time passes. The now grown up kids come back for one last week before the camp closes. They have nostalgic moments, laugh, cry and face up to some decisions they’ve made over the years. The love triangle that reminds me a little of Conrad-Belly-Jeremiah is the one between Jennifer-Matthew-Kelly. Matthew made out with Jennifer every year at camp. She was the hottie. I am not sure how it happened, but he married Kelly. Kelly that secretly loved him at camp, but as his wife has fully supported him. Being back at camp, Matthew isn’t sure if he wants to rekindle his romance or work on his marriage.

The clip is just from the movie not by particular love triangle comparison.  There weren’t any others on youtube.

6 responses to “Book & A Movie: The Summer I Turned Pretty + Indian Summer

  1. I didn’t have a beach house or summer camp either! lol, I think it’s time for a tantrum of some kind. Good picks though, I haven’t seen Indian Summer but it does look like a good end of summer movie.

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  4. can you watch the movie online? if you can, can someone please put a link on a coment of the website where you can watch it for FREE. thank you

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