Book & A Movie: Ashfall + Day After Tomorrow

Well this was an easy comparison to make. Ashfall takes us through the immediate fall out of Yellowstone’s supervolcano exploding and into the Ashen Winter. Day After Tomorrow is about a climate change throwing us into another Ice Age. In both, they experience tough decisions of whether to stay or go and basic survival. Parents are separated from children. Alex decides to forge ahead and he has to use skis to move on the ash. Jack is trying to get his son in New York and has to use skis and some heavy-duty equipment to make it to him. Friends die.

I have a bonus video connection. Darla and Alex happen upon a drugstore on their trek to Warren, Illinois. They aren’t in need of food, but condoms. They made the smart decision to not have sex without them. Don’t add pregnancy to their list of problems right now. But they had no luck. Once they reach his uncle’s house, they acquire two condoms. I am not giving away the reaction or the response…heehee. It made me think of one of my favorite Seinfeld scenes. Excuse the quality, but most of the Seinfeld episodes have removed from youtube.

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