T.G.I.F. Most Popular Post

Most Popular: What blog post has gotten the most comments/activity on your blog this year?

This was a fun question. I’ve almost been blogging for a year, so this question forced me to take a look at what people are looking at. Well what I found out kind of shocked me. I started my Book & A Movie posts back in May. They are fun for me, because I love movie quotes. So some people see dead people, I see or connect with movies. They post every Saturday, because it is a content light day for most bloggers. My Saturday traffic is pretty light also, but it seems when people stop by on other days they hop around to quite a few of these posts. I guess they are like popcorn. Without further adieu, my most trafficked post is

Book & A Movie: The Summer I Turned Pretty + Indian Summer

I attributed my next most trafficked post to some English teachers out there working on dystopia, sci-fi or units on love. Why you ask? Because I have a lot of search terms, like “matched cliff notes,” “matched summary by chapter,” and “matched sparknotes.” So #2 is my review on

Matched by Ally Condie

11 responses to “T.G.I.F. Most Popular Post

  1. That is awesome that your feature gets so much views! I am making a promise right now to check them out more often :) Also, I am so glad that your Matched review got a lot of views. That book is awesome!

  2. I think your movie posts are fun! And I’ve yet to do Matched…though it’s funny seeing search terms that look like they’re being used by teachers…or their students. You know, the ones who are trying not to read the book! *cough* “Matched cliff notes” *cough* lol

  3. I love that your feature gets a lot of views. Like Katelyn, I have to start checking them out regularly. :)

  4. It must feel great when you see your feature (which is a personal thing) become popular. Congratulations on such a marvellous idea!

  5. That is very cool that your feature is your most popular post! Such a clever idea too. Do you plan out your book/movie pairings in advance?

    Funny that people are searching for Matched cliff notes, and that the book is assigned reading.

    • No big production. If I’m reading & it reminds me of something…a quote, scene, or feel…it goes up on the next available Saturday. Pretty lazy except searching YouTube for clips. I have a great one for Ferris Bueller, but the clip isn’t out there.

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