Book & A Movie: Uncommon Criminals + National Treasure

In the book, Kat and her crew are stealing for good. They want to return the Cleopatra Emerald to its rightful owner. In National Treasure, they are going to steal the Declaration of Independence to protect it from the real bad guys. Both Kat and Ben felt like they faced impossible obstacles trying to do what was right.

Kat knew that she should be resting, but her eyes stayed open, watching the darkness fade. Thinking. Planning. Worrying about all the ways it could end badly. The switch could get blown or the gear could jam. The roof access might be compromised and the blueprints could be out of date. There were always a million ways a job could go wrong, but only one way for it to go right. –pg. 69

Ben calls forth a little Edison in response to Riley’s demonstration of how there is no way they can steal the Declaration from the National Archives.

“I didn’t fail. I just found 2000 ways how not to make a lightbulb. But you only need to find 1 way to make it work.”

gets everything but the actual quote, but the follow-up 10:00 video clip does have it.

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