Giveaway: Infernal Device Tshirt

I was lucky enough to received an Infernal Device Tshirt at ALAMW. In my excitement, I ignored the fact that it was a LARGE. I later thought, “I can make this work.” I thought about washing it on hot and try to shrink it a bit, so that I would actually wear it. But what if I washed it on hot and it still didn’t fit right? NOTE: This is not an indictment against Large wearers. I do not have a Tshirt friendly body. I tend to look like a box. Tshirts pile up on my booty like it’s a shelf. It has been patiently sitting on my bookshelf for four moths now. It is time for it to find a loving home.

If you would like to give this size LARGE beautiful Infernal Device Tshirt a home, please read and do the following:

  • Must be 13 years or older
  • US only
  • Giveaway will close 5/8/2012 in honor of the release of City of Lost Souls
  • Leave a comment below with your email address & tell me who your favorite character is in either of Clare’s series and why.

12 responses to “Giveaway: Infernal Device Tshirt

  1. I think I can wear a large…? I don’t care, I’d love to have this shirt!

    My favorite character is Jace…DUH! :D

    Thanks, Amy! jess at gonewiththewords dot com

  2. I love the shirt! My favorite Cassandra Clare character is Simon from the Mortal Instruments series. He started off as a throw away character in my opinion and now he’s a player.


  3. I have only read the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. I do wear a large but I am going to let a big fan win :)

    Good luck y’all!

  4. Yay! Good thing for us that you are little! LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway, Amy! :)

    • I’m not little. I’ve just got a bigger bottom. So I look like a box in almost all tshirts. They pile up on my booty. I have to mostly by women cut tshirts so they stop at my waist.

  5. Chronicles of Monica

    I wear a large (sometimes)….but like Jess said, I would love to have the shirt! That’s the next series I will attack in May :)

    I love Simon. He was the underdog and came to be a vital part in the series and well, he managed to stick by his best friends side who he loved and somehow made it work! He is my fave :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Monica – moniquita726(at)

  6. I love Jem. He so sweet! I love Will and Jace, but there is something about Jem that I just love him;) Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sarah; ebbith0115[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. My favorite character is Magnus Bane. I just love him to pieces. And he always has the best one liners. Other than Jace and Will who get their own fair share. But Magnus = <3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Will & Jem…I want them both! And since it’s a YA book, I won’t say at the same time! #oopsIsaiditanyway ;)

    jacindahinten (at) gmail (dot) com

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