Bout of Books 4.0 Zombie Cover Mini-Challenge

Welcome to my Bout of Books Challenge! I am super dooper excited to get to host a challenge for all you awesome participants. I hope that you are on track with your goals and most of all having fun. . This month is also Zombie Craze at bookgoonie, so I decided to merge the two events in a cover challenge. You can use Goodreads’ Listopia to help you find Zombie books.

  • This challenge will be open for 24 hours, from 1 am EST on Thursday the 17th to 1 am EST on Friday the 18th.
  • You must be participating in Bout of Books to win – this means you must actually have a goal post up and entered into the linky on this page. I will check, so make sure use the same name on your entry.
  • This is for US only, because I’m paying to mail it.
  • Must be 13 years or old.
  • Winner will be chose by and crossed checked for correct answers and read-a-thon participant goals post.
  • You must identify the Adult and YA Zombie Covers above and answer on my FORM.
  • WINNER gets Switched by Amanda Hocking.

32 responses to “Bout of Books 4.0 Zombie Cover Mini-Challenge

  1. wow, I must not be into zombies, I only know one of the covers!

    Good luck everyonen!

  2. Ooh, fun! #3 was difficult.

  3. I know all but 11 but I’m in the UK! *cry*


  5. Good luck to all US readathoners! :D

  6. This is a good challenge, but I’m so not a zombie reader even though i could search them out. thanks for hosting.

  7. Great challenge! I would only need to look up about 3 of them :D Since I have several copies of the giveaway book I think I’ll sit it out, but just wanted to say super fun challenge!

  8. Nice challenge, I’m not from the US so can’t participate though.

  9. Thanks for hosting a challenge. I’m not one on the zombie band wagon, so I’ll be sitting this one out. Good luck to all the zombie lovers out there!

  10. Argh i know them but i’m in the uk :( x

  11. This is a fun challenge. I haven’t read/ don’t know of many Zombie books but I knew most of these (#3 took me the longest to find).

  12. Dude. I rock the zombie covers! For serious! Great challenge, Amy!

  13. Yikes, I only know two of them.. I need to catch up on my zombie-reading!!! I am going to sit this one out anyway since I have the entire Trylle trilogy. Good luck everyone!!

  14. I need a “Z” title word for another challenge….which would you recommend as a good intro to the zombie world?

    • I’m reading Married with Zombies next month. Supposed to be good. World War Z was kind of clinical. Patient Zero is supposed to be good. I’m reading it next week.

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  16. Woot! That was FUN. I finally finished…one of them eluded me for quite a while…

  17. Great challenge! I already have Switched though :( I love book cover challenges. If I wasn’t doing the grand prize giveaway, I would have wanted to do a cover challenge too. Oh well! Happy reading! (BTW-I’m not a big zombie reader either, but I love the covers and recognize a lot of the books.)

  18. I am at a conference today so I am going to try and do this tonight. I mean I can totally rock a zombie challenge :)

  19. I love zombies! It’s amazing how many zombie books there are out there. So many yet to read! Thanks for the fun challenge!

  20. This makes me desperately miss The Walking Dead. How excited are we for Michonne next season?!?

  21. Thank you for the fun challenge! I love zombies and I love guess the book cover challenges. I did not submit my answers as I own the prize but I did place them on my blog and waited to post it today so I wouldn’t ruin it for anyone.

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