Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge (20)

Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and Amanda @ On A Book Bender share a little more about their week than the books they received.

bookgoonie Recap

bookgoonie’s World

  • CrossFit. I started doing this 2 weeks ago. It is like P90x on steroids. I am the fluffiest participant among athletes. But it doesn’t bother me and they are all very supportive of each other and me. I hope this craziness helps give me the push needed to get RIGHT with myself. BUT it really threw me a curveball. This week was my one week off before summer school. I had high hopes of all the catch-up blogging I would accomplish. NOPE. My arms were so fatigued I had no desire to try to hold them up to type. I barely read.
  • Book Signing. I trotted myself up to A Real Bookstore in Allen, TX for the Kevin Hearne and Jaye Wells signing. I met Felicia *sun shines down, angels sing* and her band of merry chickas. We had fun, talked books and drank wine. I hope that we can make it a semi-regular thing.

bookgoonie Reads

  • Finished Hexed and Hammered by Kevin Hearne.

  • Finished [Audiobook] Glass House (Morganville Vampires #1) by Rachel Caine. I am glad to finally be checking out this series. The narrator is bueno and is a solid LIKE series.
  • Finished Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair. I read this for Why Buy the Cow for Free? Ebook Challenge. I was craving something a bit naughty and trusted Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal that this would be a good first BDSM book. She didn’t let me down.

Around the Book Blogging Community

  • Free Technology for Teachers posted a link to a free converter of documents to ePub, so you can put them on your eReader. This may be a big help for students especially.
  • Book Briefs discussed Positive v Negative Reviews. That’s always a tough one. I know that if I do a negative-ish review I keep it extra professional and I post a link to someone that liked the book.
  • Ruby’s Reads did one of the best BEA Recaps that I read. It being her first time, I really enjoyed the experience through her eyes and great heart.
  • At The Guardian Margaret Atwood on Ray Bradbury, the tale-teller that tapped into the Gothic core of America.
  • Book Riot shared a graphic they picked up at BEA on Sub-Genres. This topic makes me quite crazy.

Search Terms

  • teen’s legs…They have them. They use them to sneak out of the house or run away when the cops bust the party.
  • white jack purcell sneakers…My blog is not the blog for shoe or fashion talk. Hope you weren’t too disappointed.
  • country psych ward and escapes…I am slightly concerned about your vacation search terms. I wish you much luck, rest and recovery. Do not come to Joshua, TX.

Operation TBR

  • Bought Tricked by Kevin Hearne and Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells @ A Real Bookstore
  • Won A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster from Felicia @ Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog

7 responses to “Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge (20)

  1. YAY! Felicia AND Kevin Hearne together. WIN!
    Be careful with CrossFit! You need to ease into this stuff…lol

    • Ease into, I know. But my excuse & procrastinate gene goes into hyper-drive. I just go into it to do the best I can & try to complete. I’m starting to feel a little stronger & starting to see a few results.

      Felicia is a definite WIN!

  2. I miss you already! You have spurred me to look into what my gym offers in a boot camp kind of way and/or seeing my arms up there spurred me LOL

    **** HUGGLES ****

    Oh I can’t wait for Outlander :)

    • Felicia *tsk,tsk*
      I was lucky enough to hide behind Kevin ;)
      You look great. All we can do is move forward & try to dodge & jump over the obstacles life throws us.

      Miss you too. Will harass you for either book club info and/or get together soon. *hugs*

  3. Our all series, all summer rules are really very lax, so you should totally join us for whatever number of books you can handle! I definitely won’t be able to read all the books on my list (even if I do only read all series this summer).

    • It is pure insanity thinking about the # of series am in & have yet to start. I feel like the 300 Spartans. I am destined to crash & burn, BUT I’m going to make a conscious effort to mark those suckers off.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your week this week! Here’s my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

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