Outlander Read-a-long 1

If you know me, I’ll follow Jess @ Gone With the Words off a cliff. She is the Book Whisperer. I’ve listened to her talk about how awesome this series is for over a year. I’ve thought about it, but I’ve been scared. Don’t be scared anymore and join in the fun. Blog hop with us the next 6 Mondays and follow the discussion on twitter #OutlanderRA.

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Chapter 1-7 Discussion:

1. Outlander is a well-known book. Before you cracked it open, what were your expectations or assumptions about this story? Or did you jump into it with a blank slate? I knew it was awesome, because Jessica said so. I knew it was some kind of historical or historical time travel. And I may have even known it was set in Scotland. I remember kilts referenced in conversation. I did not read the book blurb. Pretty blank considering.

2. Claire’s husband, Frank, is fascinated with learning more and more facts about his family tree, which extends back pretty far. Do you or anyone in your family keep a family tree? How many years/generations back does it go? If not, have you ever considered or attempted to create one?  I was working my family’s genealogy about ten years ago. It was a lot of fun. You get to utilize your mad detective skills. But there is a point where you need to spend money and/or take trips to dig deeper. That is where my story stops. My tree is pretty lop-sided and bare.

3. How did you find Claire’s initial conclusion as to her surroundings after waking up from going through the stones? Did you think that was a reasonable conclusion?  I think it is very interesting how we try to mold the impossible into our construct of things that are possible. Now in the 1950s, there were tons of historical blockbusting movies. Ben Hur, Ten Commandments, etc. Many movies to remind us that WE ARE WESTERN and where are roots are buried. I think it is a plausible first leap. But I would wonder why I hadn’t heard talk around town about a movie being shot or a reenactment. You know Frank would totally been all up in the excitement.

4. How about her composed, rational way of dealing with the fact she’s traveled back in time. Did you find it believable? Do you think you would have acted the same way?  It was refreshing after deal with hyper-sensitive-overreactive-drama queens here lately in my world. Would throwing a big old hissy fit or bawl fest done any good? No. She just starts dealing with things the way they come to her. I believe being a field nurse during the way probably helped. Compartmentalize problems to deal with the horror. I hope that I would react similarly. My mom has always been able to keep her calm in disaster dealing only with the stuff you can change.

5. At this point in the story, what are your feelings or expectations on Claire and Jamie? Is Frank still a factor for you?  Well I definitely feel that Jamie may be the romantic future interest for Claire. I am super anxious to watch it develop. *fingers crossed* Frank is still in the picture for me, because I don’t know if she can or is going to go back. Could Frank come through the passage too? I am so excited about the possibilities. Though I am kind of not happy with his relative, being a creepy-prick.

Bonus Question: Frank encounters a man outside of the inn where he and Claire are staying. He is afraid it might have been a ghost. What do you believe it was? Do you have any predictions or suspicions on what that was about? I so think it was Jamie, but not sure the connection. Maybe him coming through and the whole ritual ceremony magic-ed up the stonehenge. But did he seek her out in the present, because she fell into the past? I really don’t know, but I’m sure it will stay pretty muddy for a few hundred pages or so or maybe a few books.

13 responses to “Outlander Read-a-long 1

  1. I’d probably follow her off a cliff as well…she has gotten me to read adult contemp romance when I never really had touched the stuff before. I <3 Jess!

    I don't think I read the Outlander's summary either…If I did it was a VERY long time ago and I had forgotten it by the time I had read it.

    At least you gave the family tree a shot! I haven't done it at all yet.

    Her nursing skills are a big part of the book as a whole. Now that I've finished it and everything…YAY! I have finished it!

    I never thought of Frank coming through the passage?! Or someone else perhaps?! I'm not sure who…I guess the possibilities are endless.

    My thought was Jamie as well :)

    *Just an FYI, I feel I have to be very careful with my comments or I might say something that happens later on.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head with the field nursing skills being the reason she coped so well. She just had a way of saying “I can’t change this” and “let’s deal”! I wouldn’t be that great at it but I wish I would :)

  3. Seriously why didn’t Jamie being the stranger even cross my mind. I feel really blonde right now.

  4. I LOVE your answer to question #4. That is such a Claire answer, and that is why I thought it was believable. Although I would have flipped out, she knows that it would get her nowhere.

  5. “My tree is pretty lop-sided and bare.” –> At least you tried! I just have no interest, so mine sort of looks like a winter tree. Actually like a Charlie Brown tree. Actually, there’s no tree at all.

    “Though I am kind of not happy with his relative, being a creepy-prick.” –> UGH that guy was awful. So nasty. I have a feeling we may not have seen the last of him. UGH.

    Jess IS the Book Whisperer. I totally agree with you on that!

  6. Yes, Black Jack is a total creepy prick. I think it would be so awful to meet such a terrible person who looks so much like your husband. Yikes!

  7. “I think it is very interesting how we try to mold the impossible into our construct of things that are possible.” Love this! It’s so true. Even though these solutions sometimes seem ridiculous, they’re still more likely conclusions than time travel. I also really agree that her experiences in the war likely led to her calm and practical reaction to having time traveled. I like to think I’d stay calm too…and maybe I would, but there’d certainly be a few more breakdowns behind closed doors at night. :P

    P.S. I’m totally shipping for them killing off Randall McNasty, thus killing two birds with one stone.

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  9. LOL You guys are making me blush! I’m so not “the Book Whisperer”!! But I am glad I can recommend books y’all liked!

    Randall—Grrrr! He’s the DEVIL! I also totally agree with you that Claire being a field nurse really explains her reactions. :)

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