Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge (22)

Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and Amanda @ On A Book Bender share a little more about their week than the books they received.

bookgoonie Recap

bookgoonie’s World

  • Summer School, Working Out & Soccer. That’s all folks.

bookgoonie Reads

  • Finished Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen. Fun and will continue the series. Kind of a Mr & Mrs Smith meets zombies. Friday will finish off our discussion and read-a-long. Missie has some great questions, so stop by.
  • Finished listening to [Audiobook] Dead Girls’ Dance (Morganville Vampires #2) by Rachel Caine. YA, fun and light.
  • Finished Kamikaze (Last Call #1) by Moria Rogers. I reviewed it at GR. It was a tasty little snack.
  • Reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. LOVING IT!!! It is torturing me to put it down. I just want to snuggle up with Jamie and kiss all his scares.
  • Reading City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments #5) by Cassandra Clare. It took me a little bit to get back in the swing of things after how the last one ended. Not happy. Plus I find myself making goo-goo eyes at Jamie. *blows kiss* But the storylines are going crazy and there is lots of hooking up going on.

Around the Book Blogging Community

  • Book Riot has the Top 10 Literary Quotes from the Simpsons. I really don’t like the Simpsons, but they do masterfully make great references to pop culture, old movies, history and books.
  • Book Whore talks about When to Throw in the Towel? on a book. I have a hard time quitting. I’ve already invested time. I feel like it reflects poorly on me in some way. I know it is stupid. There are too many books out there. I don’t mind changing the channel, if I don’t like a song, tv show or movie.
  • Mental Floss shares the 11 Authors Who Hated the Movie Versions of their books. I think we can easily sympathize with them. We still want to go see our favorite books at the movies, knowing that we probably won’t like them nearly as much.
  • Mashable says 62% of library users don’t know they can check out ebooks. What the crap? That was the main thing that talked me into buying an eReader and the Nook, specifically. The Nook was one of the few you could check out library books with at the time. If I was going to spend $150+, then I needed to benefit with book costs. My local library is SMALL. So I pay $25 a year to join a much larger city library a few towns over. I am able to check out ebooks and audiobooks without making the drive.
  • NPR talked about Will Your Children Inherit Your Ebooks? I thought it was very interesting. I still buy mostly paper books, so I can loan out and stare at them on my shelves.
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Movie Trailer.
  • Upcoming Events: First Grave on the Right Read-a-Long & Doin’ It Dirty 12 Hour Read-a-thon.

Search Terms

  • parental guideline to bitterblue…Anything any parent is allowed to read it.
  • quotes about lifes path to wisdom…It’s not about the quotes. It’s about the journey.
  • goonie book…I go goonie over lots of books. I think any book that makes me laugh is pretty goonie. Try Christopher Moore.
  • jellicoe road review…Some day. I’m planning on getting it read this summer.
  • what is the theme to rot and ruin…Decreasing World Suck.

Operation TBR

  • B&N Freebies: Zola’s Pride (Southern Arcana #2.5) by Moira Rogers, Kamikaze (Last Call #1) by Moira Rogers, Midnight Fire by Melody Anne
  • B&N Friday Freebie: Birdman by Mo Hayder, Gutshot Straight by Lou Berney
  • Amazon Freebie: Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning
  • B&N Bought: A Brewing Storm (Derrick Storm #1) by Richard Castle

8 responses to “Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge (22)

  1. I used to feel bad for giving up on a book, but now I give myself 100 pages. If I have to push through those and don’t ever want to pick up the book, then I throw in the towel.

  2. Has summer school sucked out your soul yet? I think I’ve lost mine.

  3. myparahangover

    I keep wanting to read Kimberly Derting’ Body Finder series but it’s so far down on my TBR (very sad). I read the short in Enthralled and I fell in love with the writing and sad, no holds-barred tale.

    Thanks for the heads up on the BD trailer (oh, yeah, I still watch those movies, I’m such a closet fan). I missed that it came out and it’s looking pretty good.

  4. It was kind of a mistake for me to read City of Fallen Angels because it made me fall a little out of love with Jace. In the first three books of the series, I was so on the Jace train. I was all, “I LOVE YOU, JACE! You’re so snarky and tortured and hot and a playboy!” Then CoFA came along and and I found myself wondering when he’d gone from tortured to kind of a downer.

    • Totally agree. As much as I was excited for the series to continue, it probably should have stopped with 3. The Jace turn-about was a real downer. It does get a little better in CoLS.

  5. rubysreadsblog

    Also, P.S. I was able to leave a comment on your blog! It only took me a zillion minutes, but I did it!

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