Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair

Mountain Masters #1
Published August 2009 by Loose
207 pages
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Series: 1. Master of the Mountain* 2. Master of the Abyss
Source: Wildfire Romance
Challenge: Why Buy the Cow? Free Ebooks
Rating: Really Liked It

When Rebecca’s boyfriend talks her into vacationing at a mountain lodge with his swing club, she quickly learns she’s not cut out for playing musical beds. Now she has nowhere to sleep. Logan, the lodge owner, finds her freezing on the porch. After hauling her inside, he warms her in his own bed, and there the experienced Dom discovers that Rebecca might not be a swinger…but she is definitely a submissive.

Rebecca knows that no one can love her plump, scarred body. To her shock, lodge owner Logan not only disagrees, but ties her up and shows her just how much he enjoys her curves. Under his skilled hands, Rebecca not only loses her inhibitions, but also her heart.

Damaged from the war, Logan considers himself too dangerous to be around the enticing little sub. He sends her away for her own safety, not realizing she believes she has once again been rejected because of her size. As Logan’s mountains echo with her voice long after she’s gone, he realizes she’s taken his heart with her. But when he arrives in the city to reclaim her, Rebecca’s phone has been disconnected and her apartment is empty… (Source: Goodreads)

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content, exhibitionism.

Let me start by letting you know that this is my first dip in the BDSM pool. But after receiving this book free as part of All Romance’s Earth Day Free Ebook giveaway and Kelly @ Reading Paranormal‘s review, I figured this might be just the right book to start with.

Master of the Mountain has a great story at its core. Successful city girl who isn’t as confident when it comes to her own self-image or her relationships. She ends up in the mountains with a prick of a fiance. Enter slightly damaged, burly mountain man. I love how Logan notices and appreciates Rebecca from the very start. Watching how he worked to get her to feel beautiful and worthy to be loved fully made me feel a little bit like an intruder. Not in a bad way. But Rebecca’s feelings were definitely exposed and raw. But Logan artfully patches her up and makes her whole.

Now his method is through the dom-sub relationship. The rules and culture are all new to me. But at the heart of it all is trust. Rebecca has to trust that Logan isn’t going to hurt her and only do things that will please her. And Logan is quite knowledgeable to Rebecca’s good fortune in that department. By Rebecca giving up control and extending trust to Logan, both start healing the wounds of their past. If I can find more books like this one, I’ll continue to explore this genre.

The side of a mountain has never been so steamy.

3 responses to “Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair

  1. I’m so glad you liked this book! Cherise Sinclair is one author who continually touches on the trust side of D/s relationships. I’ve really enjoyed all her books!

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