Outlander Read-a-long 3

It was so hard to put down after Chapter 15. I’m still ahead of schedule. I’ve even bought the next book in the series.  Its got my mind wondering where will it go for the next 6 books. Blog hop with us the next few Mondays and follow the discussion on twitter #OutlanderRA.

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Chapter 15-21 Discussion:
1. We FINALLY get to the scene we’ve all been waiting for. You know what i’m talking about–yay sexytimes! What were your impressions? Was it what you were expecting? Or did you want more? I think it was pretty much perfection. If it had been too perfect, it just wouldn’t be right. He’s yummy, but not experienced. I love that Jamie used humor to allow them both to let their guard down. I like that they continued getting to know each other before hand. Jamie cracked me up with his inexperience. Looking to animals. Also Claire’s comment about going at it with joy. It does bother me that they do it with their clothes all on at first. I know that it is the norm. Just lift up the skirt baby, but Gabaldon had to keep it real. I love how Jamie calls her “MINE,” but not in a caveman-way but that he has been given a special privilege. I’m glad our time traveling cougar and deflower of men is giving him a few lessons. In some of the later moments, he really reacts to sex like it is a religious experience. Ahhh pure sweetness.

2.  I know that some readers thus far have been bothered by the fact of Claire being married to Frank but still being involved with Jamie, despite the different time periods. Does their time as newlyweds change anyone’s opinion of that? If not, now what are you thinking of the situation? I really didn’t have too much of a problem to begin with. It’s fiction. It has time-travel. I’m not going to read it like a guide for my own marriage. But I do think Gabaldon did an excellent job allowing Claire to be as right as she can given the circumstances. Her not wanting to be married in the same church. Jamie wanting to honor Frank by serving his wife. Bravo!

3.  What did you think about the “waterhorse” that Claire saw? Why do you think Peter was so spooked? And what do you think this means for Claire? She’s a WITCH!!! I didn’t really get the scene, except for thinking this can’t be good. That dude is totally going to blab in a OMG! this isn’t good kind of way. I’m thinking the English-pee-dog is going to run with this little accusation.

4. If you were Claire and you were knowingly in the vicinity of the stones, would you have done the same thing she did? I really sat and thought about it. She just experienced some Jamie yumminess. But if I could get back to the 20th century…I would have headed off  too. I do think I would have tried to be a bit more stealthy though. I don’t shame Claire for heading to the stones, but her words toward Jamie after he saves her from Randall *points scornfully* were not called for. 

5.  What do you think about Captain Randall? How do you think the family resemblance between him and Frank affects Claire and particularly her relationship with Jamie? I didn’t like him after the punch in the stomach, but he definitely knows how to elevated himself from douche bag to dick wad. Yep, we are seeing in full color all those stories Frank thought were colorful. It makes you wonder how deep these flaws will run throughout the family tree. I’m sure it has to be tough to look at him and see Frank, especially with his overt actions. But he is awfully good at keeping it on the creepy repulsive side as opposed to really confusing the situation if he had any real game. English pee-dog. I’m sure him having to save her from Randall sets them back, but I don’t know about future run-ins. Of course, Randall is now after both of them with a vengeance. 

12 responses to “Outlander Read-a-long 3

  1. I didn’t get to do this week–work pretty much kicked my ass!

    I just love that you are enjoying it and I can’t wait to see what you think next week.

    LOL about Captain Randall–so he upgraded his loathsomeness, huh?

  2. Jac @ For Love and Books

    I’m with you — her words toward Jamie were NOT necessary, but I give her a little bit of wiggle room in terms of behavior tolerance because she’s in such a unique situation with culture shock.

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  3. “Douche bag to dick wad” and “English pee-dog” made me laugh so hard. And I agree about DG handling the trickiness of Claire’s double marriage well (despite the fact that she came up with the concept to begin with).

    • I just hate little men like that. To try to elevate themselves when they obviously hobbled the opponent, because in a fair man-man altercation would find him lacking.

  4. Claire and Jamie can get pretty carried away when they fight. I hate seeing them say such hurtful things!

  5. Jamie and Claire have a very passionate relationship after their marriage, very much sex & arguing &, of course, spanking (and not in the good way).
    what annoyed me about her going off to find the stones is that SHE WAS JUST ALMOST RAPED! it’s not like she can say she didn’t know/couldn’t understand the possible issues with running off alone. plus jamie told her! anyway, i never thought about her being labeled a witch until i read some answers, but that would make a lot of sense. interesting. ~dixie

  6. I LOVE when he says “Not one that is mine, anyway.” AHHH yes!! Also “I’m glad our time traveling cougar and deflower of men is giving him a few lessons.” I laughed so hard. So true. I am also pointing scornfully at Claire after that little endeaver. No cookie for you, woman!

  7. Hahaha…I hadn’t realized dick wad was a step down from douchebag, but I’m going to back you on that one. :P

    I really appreciate Jamie’s sense of humor as well, even those times when he’s not even attempting to be funny (the farm animal thoughts?). He’s such a great guy, I kind of hated Claire after she went off on him for everything he did for her. If she’d just step back, she’d see that he wasn’t being domineering or looking down at her as a woman, he was being careful and caring and smart.

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