Book & A Movie: Bitterblue + Arabian Nights

There were so many aspect of Bitterblue that reminded me the Ottomans and their preceding Islamic dynasties. The fact that she snuck out at night to really see her capital reminded me of Suleiman the Magnificent. The best part was the story houses. Bitterblue was so mesmerized by the tales of her father’s reign and even hers. She was even interested though some were wrong. But she figured if this was the perception of the people, she would take as truth and try to fix it. Storytelling has been an important part of culture since the beginning, but I think the magical tales of the Golden Age of Islam are some of the best.

Saf seemed to enjoy this accusation immensely. “I’m not a Graced thief,” he said, grinning. “Nor am I a Graced mind reader, but I know why you sneak out at nights. You can’t get enough of the stories.”

This is a clip from a made for TV Movie, Arabian Nights, that is magical. I used to show it to my class when time permitted. It shows the richness and vastness of the Islamic Empires and heavily hits on some of the major weaknesses or challenges they faced.

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