Doin’ It Dirty 12 Hour Read-a-thon

Doin’ It Dirty is a read-a-thon devoted to 12 hours of smut and fun. Bring out all your naughty books and read with us! Hosted by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal.


  • To be run on July 20th for 12 hours: noon CST to midnight CST
  • You don’t have to read the full 12 hours to participate. Join us for however much time you have available!
  • You must read erotica or any subgenre of romance that borders on erotica. Remember! We’re doing it dirty.
  • Make sure you Sign up by linking your blog
  • On July 19th, we’ll post a linky for a goal post/progress updates.
  • On July 21st, we’ll give you a chance to recap your goals and let everyone know how you did.
  • Use the hashtag #DoinItDirty to track your progress on Twitter

I’ve listed all the Erotica I have at my disposal. Obviously, I’m not going to try to tackle all these books in 12 hours. I hoping to get at least 600 pages in. I’ll be updating on twitter and goodreads. “*” marks any freebie books.

I sucked it up. 2 hours of cable guy + 5 hours of soccer = not enough reading. I even stayed up past midnight reading, once I got home. I’m about 1/2 way through Bared to You. I really like it, but it kind gave my sex fatigue. They were going at it every chance they got. I like the characters and the back story is good, but they behave like children. Hot sex, tantrum, run away, hot sex, repeat. I plan on putting myself in naughty time out to at least finish and maybe tag a few more, so I don’t feel like a failure.

I still had fun. I loved looking at everyone’s lists and will be checking out all your dirty reviews.

14 responses to “Doin’ It Dirty 12 Hour Read-a-thon

  1. Oh look at you getting all the page counts in there! You know what I did? Pictures LOL (call me lazy) :)

  2. Hello, Missie! I should have thought of putting some Melissa Schroeder on my list. I know I have a few of her books. And I’m so curious about Bared to You, but I didn’t want to purchase it when I already have a whole stack of books to tackle. Still, looking forward to your thoughts on it.

    P.S. Love how you marked your Freebies. :)

    • I caught Bared to You for $2.99 back when Felicia reviewed it. I like them cheap ;) most of these authors are pretty new to me. I’m hoping to sample a few this go around.

  3. I’m super, super excited for this! I can’t wait to dive into all this smutty goodness. Plus, I see that we have several of the same books on our lists. We can totally compare notes! FUN!

    • I’ve been stalking your GR freebie & erotica lists. I’m pretty pumped. I’m hoping the Dish install guy is gone before I start reading. I’m not going to hold my breath that he would be a muse for my reading.

  4. Wait, what? You’re not going to tackle these all at once? Don’t you know it’s better to do at least two at a time?

  5. The Siren! That book is popping up all over the joint. I’m saving it for another time. I plan to tackle some novellas so I can get more read. ;)

  6. I have Dane on my list too! :) I will DEF be checking to see how you liked Bared to You! :)

    Tabby @Insightful Minds
    Check out my – Doin’ It Dirty Goals! (:

  7. I read Dane last week, but I read A Dark Kiss of Rapture for ‘Doin It Dirty’ and liked it. It made me want to start reading the series anyway. I think next time I will definitely pick all novellas because there is no way I can read more than one full length book in 12 hours. Whew!

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