Outlander Read-a-long 6

I loved Outlander and am so sad that it is coming to an end. Thank You hosts and fellow read-a-longers for participating. I love reading everyone’s answers each week. Hopefully I’ll catch some of you around Goodreads continuing the series. I have the next one sitting on my shelf waiting for its turn. Everyone is linking up one last time over at  Gone with the Words.

Chapter 29-35 Discussion:

1.  Jamie has the worst case of seasickness. Do you get seasickness or motion sickness? If not, is there something else that makes your stomach a bit queasy?

I’ve never been out on the open sea, but I don’t get lake-sickness. I used to get car sick if I sat in the backseat or tried to read. It has gotten better with age.

2.  How did you handle reading the details of Jamie’s torture at the hands of Randall? Did you blame Jamie for anything that happened during the encounter with the captain? If you were Claire, how do you think you would have taken hearing about the abuse from your husband? What do you think of Claire’s method’s to get Jamie to start healing psychologically from his wounds from Randall?

It was gut-wrenching, especially at the point he just wish death would come. There really aren’t words. *tears* I don’t blame Jamie at all. He was trying to save his wife. He vowed he would do it with his life, if necessary. I just wonder did he know what kind of torture Randall was going to use when he said he wouldn’t fight? I think Claire did a great job staying quiet and letting him get it off his chest. He couldn’t have handled it, if she was interrupting with bawling or pity-filled comments. I totally didn’t know what Claire had up her sleeve, but I think it might of been brilliant. He had to get his fight back.

3.  Which elements of Outlander were you most looking forward to? Which did you enjoy the most while reading? Which did you enjoy the least while reading? Which did you just not care about? Any of these do you wish there were more of? or less of?

I really didn’t have any expectations, but characters and their relationships are always most important to me. I felt this book got an A+ in this area. There was a lot of relationship building between Claire and Jamie, plus some nicely fleshed out secondary characters. I am going to stick with relationships. I loved the intimacy and the fiery-ness. The things that were less important for me was the moral ambiguity. I didn’t have any issues with the choices the characters had to make. The history (I know I’m a history teacher) wasn’t much of a player for me. 1730s Scotland wasn’t a significant moment in history for me, so it was simply background details for me.

4.  Share with us your overall thoughts on Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Your favorite quotes, scenes, and/or your favorite words that had you searching for a dictionary. If you haven’t been marking your favorite quotes/passages, you can find Outlander quotes on Goodreads.

There are way too many as you can see by the picture of my tagged book. I loved the wedding, the consummation, the story-telling walk after Jamie spanked Claire, Claire choosing to stay, Jenny-Ian-Jamie reminiscing and Jamie giving his last reason why he married her. 

5.  Are you going to continue with the series or are you done after Outlander? For those of us who are new readers of this series, any predictions? Do you think participating in the read-along helped or hindered your experience with the story? For those of you who’ve already read Outlander and books beyond, how much did you enjoy (or not) this re-read?

I love read-alongs, because I’ve yet to find a book club and this is as good as it gets. I love the questions and love to read everyone’s responses. But like with all good books, I don’t ever want to stop at the end of an assigned chapter. I really liked it, but wish there weren’t so many readers that really didn’t enjoy the book :( I already have Dragonfly in Amber ready to read as soon as I get a break in some of my piles.

Bonus #2: Dream Library. I would just like to have a great set of shelves and I’d be happy. I don’t have the dual level or high enough ceilings for this, but it is pretty groovy.

15 responses to “Outlander Read-a-long 6

  1. I *heart* your dream library :) Wouldn’t that be awesome ! I couldn’t go with the white living room LOL

  2. That is an awesome library. Wow.
    I agree that it has been sort of sad that some haven’t enjoyed the book. I loved it, even though it was tough at a part or two. I am not ready to start book two yet, though. I want to sit on the ending of this one awhile. I love the way it ended. I love the way Claire rallied in the end and took care of her man. I love her nursing skills. Fantastic.

    Also, I LOVE your picture of your tabbed book. Sometimes in my blog posts, I show pictures of my tabbed books too. Made me smile a bit just now. :)

    Thank you so much for participating in the readalong! It was so great to read along with other people for my first time reading this huge book. Otherwise, it might still be decorating my shelf! I need to get the second book soon because I will eventually want to start it.

  3. Great quote choices and I LOVE your tags in your book, I do the same :] I am still debating whether I am reading the rest of the series or not.

    P.S. I need to have a library like that!!

    • I’m planning on continuing sometime in the future. I’m confused on the next summary on how much time jumps…

      I think we all deserve a great library.

  4. It was hard for me to stop at the designated chapters as well. I was a big cheater and didn’t. lol

    I wish I was better about marking parts in my book. I just read and then later I’m like “I wish I could remember where that part was.” You would think I would learn.

    I’m excited to start book 2 but I as well need to get some other books read first. The life of a blogger means a never ending TBR pile. :-P

  5. I love what you said about relationships. That is very important to me as well and DG did an awesome job building Claire and Jamie’s. It was so clear that she wanted us to care about them as a couple (as opposed to Frank and Claire), by how she wrote them.

    This was my first read-along and I was surprised that I could stop at the end of each section – until we got to the end and I just HAD to finish it. I hope to do another one of these soon!

  6. Oh, I LOVE the quotes you chose, especially how she’ll be the last woman he kisses. Makes me melt every time. Jamie Fraser certainly has a way with words. And I feel the same way that the characters and their relationships to each other are the book’s greatest strength. (PS: Cheers from one history teacher to another!)

  7. I totally agree–I was pretty impressed for letting Jamie get everything off his chest without stopping him, pushing him, or blubbering. I would NOT do well if the person I loved most had gone through these things and needed to talk about it. How do you deal with that?

    I’m also with you on readalongs. They’re a fantastic surrogate for a book club! I haven’t found one that’s really taken off or worked for me either, but this is a great substitute in the meantime. =)

  8. i am a history buff, too, was a history major, but you’re right, that part in time didn’t really have any appeal to me, i just didn’t know too much about it to begin with. i have Dragonfly in Amber, too, waiting! I can’t wait to get to it, to see what the heck is going on :)
    love the library, too :) ~d

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