Book & A Movie: Hexed + Ghostbusters

I so love this series. It makes me laugh from cover to cover. My favorite scene in this book in the series is when Morrigan comes calling. She demands some loving from Atticus. I’ve imagined him a lady caller or two, but I wasn’t ready for this wild woman. She brings new meaning to the phrase, “she is an animal in the sack.”

The Morrigan is not a creature to take you down slow and easy, though. Over the next few hours, I think I had one moment where I wasn’t at least partially in pain. It was the first kiss–soft and tender and delicious to the pint where I thought I might enjoy this after all. But then her nails were scratching me, I got slapped a few times, there was a whole lot more biting than I’ve ever endured, and I lost a handful of hair at one point. And if I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to–like the several times when my phone rang and I wanted to answer it, thinking it was Granuaile calling to ask why I hadn’t shown up for work–her eyes glowed red and she spoke like Sigourney Weaver telling Bill Murray, “There is no Dana, only Zuul.” There’s just no arguing with that tone of voice. In other words, I was f*^#@ing scared, and that’s the way the Morrigan liked it.

Kevin Hearne has a way with painting a picture. Without telling us the juicy details, I still have a picture painted in my mind and my abs hurt from laughing.

3 responses to “Book & A Movie: Hexed + Ghostbusters

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  2. LMAO! OMG, yes, poor Atticus. I loved it later on in the book when he says something like, I had the most terrifying sex of my life for that ear! LOL

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