Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge (27)

Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and Amanda @ On A Book Bender share a little more about their week than the books they received.

bookgoonie Recap

bookgoonie’s World

  • Just reading mainly.
  • Totally pulled my back out of whack trying to get my max deadlift on Saturday. I’m no spring chicken anymore, so I’m walking around like an old fart. SUCKS!

bookgoonie Reads

Around the Book Blogging Community

  • Romance at Random tries to make sense out of genres. Paranormal vs Urban Fantasy using Karen Marie Moning’s series as examples. Unfortunately, this is a big gray area for me. I just do the best I can.
  • Cassandra Clare gave us a snippet from Clockwork Princess. Can’t wait to see what happens in our little love triangle.
  • Getting Right with Your Images. Missie @ The Unread Reader alerted me to the fact that some bloggers have been sued for not properly attributing their images. Free Technology for Teachers gives us another Creative Commons source. I need to go do some house cleaning.
  • In the Writing Groove answers the question: Is Sex Necessary? when writing a book.
  • Thank You to That Bookish Girl for some FREE Nook Books.
  • NPR answers Readers Rage over their spoilers. I do everything in my person to not include any spoiler on my blog or review. My job is to entice you to go read it yourself not ruin it for you.
  • The Insatiable Booksluts make me laugh and no one can rant like they can. Check out her Rage against snobby readers and the post office.
  • I found this cool meme Recommend A… @ Chick Loves Lit through Smash Attack Reads. And Smash also turned me onto Blogger Confessions @ For What It’s Worth
  • “My name is Amy and I stalk Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal‘s Goodreads Free Bookshelf.” I mostly stalk it for naughty nuggets.

Search Terms

  • words that describe the truth…honest, sincere
  • I would never come on to you…why not? Is it because you respect me? or do I intimidate you? Come on my ego needs a little petting.
  • ya crush tourney team ash…Love Ash! #TeamAsh was edged out by Aiden with like 1% of the vote.

Operation TBR: I was a bad girl this week. I better get reading.

  • Half-Price Books Buys: Deadtown by Nancy Holzner; Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey; A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness; The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg; Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  • B&N Buy: Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane #1) by Jaye Wells
  • B&N Freebies: Once Bitten, Forever Burned by Stacey Kennedy, Cat Snips and BB Dalton by Cat Johnson

Bloggers Mentioned

8 responses to “Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge (27)

  1. Your t-shirt is HILARIOUS.

    Re: spoilers. I’ve gotten a couple search terms on my blog that could be spoilers (I’m honestly not sure as I haven’t read the book) and it makes me SO MAD because WHAT IF IT IS A SPOILER?! I’ve also had people search SPECIFICALLY for spoilers of a book. No! NO.

  2. Did you love Anna? She is such a faboo character!
    I pulled my back out making coffee the other day. Sometimes those small movements are the worst. Ugh. Hope you feel better soon!
    Thank you for not spoiling us. I truly detest spoilers.
    Thanks for the shout out and I hope you join in the fun! ;)

    Naughty nuggets FTW!

  3. Catching Jordan does sound great! I love that you and your daughter like it. Plus, it sounds like it was a positive book—one with good characters and just regular life :) AWESOME!

    I *heart* your t-shirt—LOTS!

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