First Grave on the Right Read-along Week 1

I have heard so many great things about this book and series. I couldn’t wait to read it, but I did. Because I love Read-alongs. Needless to say, I love Charley. She cracks me up. I was hooked from the very first paragraph. Yep, it speaks volumes for my love of good smut.

Here is where we’ll be:
1st Wk – 8/2 Love of Books ~ Ch 1-5
2nd Wk – 8/9  Babbling About Books and Stuff ~ Ch 6-10
3rd Wk – 8/16  In the Closet With a Bibliophile ~ Ch 11- 15
4th Wk – 8/23  Rainy Day Ramblings ~ Ch 16-21
5th Wk – 8/30 Darynda Jones Q&A + winners announcement

1.  We meet some of Charley’s ghostly “buddies,” do you believe you have ever had a ghostly encounter?

I haven’t had a face-to-face with a ghost, but stuff is always falling at my house. Of course, that could be a testament to me stacking and shoving stuff and gravity is just getting its revenge. 

2.  Charley named her jeep Misery. Have you ever named your vehicles? What did you name them?

No, I haven’t. But if I did, it would be something like Bob. My husband names his stupid stuff like Red Rocket, White Beast, etc… *rolls eyes*

3.  Charley says her name “…brooks no opposition. It takes shit from no one.” What do you think your name says about you to strangers? Is there a different name that you think would suit you better?

Amy…it says I was born in the 70s and maybe that I’m succinct. It doesn’t give off any air of sophistication or formality, so guess it suits me ok. I always wanted another name, so I could have a nickname. You can’t really shorten Amy. Yo, A! My, my, my. *shrugs shoulders* Now my married last name probably does suit me…DEATHERAGE. I feel you, Charley *fist bump* Don’t mess with us.

4.  Charley says her best friend Cookie is “like Kramer from Seinfeld, only not so nervous, like Kramer might have been on Prozac.” Give us your best description of your best friend. How would they describe you?

I’m quite sad and really don’t have a best friend. I have a few girl friends, but if our daughters didn’t go to school together or play soccer together we probably would see each other at all. Sad, I know. My friends have to have their shit more together than me, otherwise it would be utter chaos. Usually they are way more organized and keep me on my toes. They do have to enjoy the nectar of the gods. I don’t trust people that don’t.

How would a friend describe me? I’m kind of Elaine-ish from Seinfeld. Sailor-mouthed, doesn’t pull punches, procrastinates, not a domestic diva (feel sorry for my husband…I married well, but he didn’t), all about the kid (chauffeur, etc.). Man, I don’t sound very likable. But I do have a few friends. You believe me, right?

5.  Garrett is reluctant to believe in Charley’s abilities, how would you react if a friend divulged to you that they can see and speak with the dead?

I think I could be down with that. I read too much paranormal to be all black and white on this issue. The evidence is there with her and besides talking to “space” she isn’t acting crazy. Oops, till that thing in the office. I totally had a When Harry Met Sally moment. “I’ll take what she is having.” 

19 responses to “First Grave on the Right Read-along Week 1

  1. Elaine huh? I liked Elaine, she use to crack me up with her shoving and saying, “Shut Up!”, I think you and I would get along. ;)

  2. I am so glad you are along for this one and that you are loving the book! Charley is made of awesomeness! I loved that line about gravity getting revenge. Yeah your husband’s names sound like a man. Really Deatherage? Now that is a kick ass take no prisoners type of name!

  3. Deatherage? Cool. Love it.

    I’m also not friends with gravity. Nope, not friends at all… :)

  4. LOL – love your answers! I’ve always loved my last name and refuse to change it for anyone, but that would probably change if I married someone with that last name. Does he have any brothers? ;)

    Oh, White Beast is just as bad as my White Tonka. lol

  5. I always like the name Amy! And your last name is so awesome! Is it pronounced like “death-rage” or “death-er -age” or am I totally off?

  6. Bob would be cool =P And hahaha at the When Harry Met Sally reference! *big grin* Love your answers xD

  7. Bob would be cool =P And hahaha at the When Harry Met Sally reference! *big grin* Love your answers xD

    (used the wrong account in the prev comment)

  8. I really liked Elaine from Seinfield! She got a weird sense of humor which I enjoyed. :)

  9. Stuff falls in my house but we also over stack and have cats. Red Rocket! LOL Bob is nice and simple. Elaine is cool! I’m kind of like her too. She cracks me up.

  10. Gravity soo has it out for me!!!

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  12. DEATH&RAGE. That is a badass nick :P
    Luv the answers, girl.


  13. DEATH&RAGE! That is a badass last name!!! LUV IT!

    Great answers, girl :-D


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