[Read-along] First Grave to the Right 3

I couldn’t put it down. I had to just finish the thing.

Here is where we’ll be:
1st Wk – 8/2 Love of Books ~ Ch 1-5
2nd Wk – 8/9  Babbling About Books and Stuff ~ Ch 6-10
3rd Wk – 8/16  In the Closet With a Bibliophile ~ Ch 11- 15
4th Wk – 8/23  Rainy Day Ramblings ~ Ch 16-21
5th Wk – 8/30 Darynda Jones Q&A + winners announcement

1.  I do have a soft spot for Charley’s Aunt Lilian. She is sweet and soft while somehow also being a little dirty and I find that hilarious in an aunt. Do you have any relatives dead or alive that remind you of Aunt Lillian? If not, tell me about your favorite deceased relative.

My grandmother. She is sweet and gives so much, but she is saucy. She loves a good drink and if you mess with her or her family–you better watch out.

2.  In these chapters, we get a little closer to Reyes and his secrets. Neil, the warden at the prison where Reyes is currently incarcerated – and a high school mate of Charley’s – tells a story about how Reyes ended up in the Coma and something he witnessed. What do you think of the story? What does this lead you to think about Reyes?

They are awesome stories. But they led me to believe he was related to different forces than reality. I like knowing he is a good guy. I want that for Charley. 

3.  One of the things I love most about Ubie and Charley’s relationship is that Ubie aka Uncle Bob has absolute faith in our Charley. Maybe it’s because Charley’s been solving murder cases for ages and Ubie knows that Charley knows things. If you could pick a super power, which one would you choose? Seeing the dead? Invisibility?

*scratches head* I’ve answered this one a few times. In the case of this book, I would like to help people out. I don’t know that I would want to see dead people in all their glory nor would I want them to pass through me. Spinal cord snapping is kind of gruesome too. Whatever the superpower, I would like it to be able to serve a higher good.

4.  Okay, in my opinion, there is nothing better than walking into your living room and seeing the god-like creature of your dreams standing there waiting for you. If you were in Charley’s shoes, who would be standing in your living room?

Well of course, my handsome husband. But if I am to fantasize, My bookish picks would be Clay from Women of the Otherworlds, Bones from Night Huntress or Atticus from The Iron Druid Chronicles.

5.  We get a surprise visit from Rosie’s husband and we find out some information about Reyes…that he and The Big Bad are the same guy. What are your thoughts? Were you surprised about Rosie’s husband or did you feel that one coming? What about Bad Reyes, had you already made the connection?

Not shocked that this violent man decided to react violently toward Charley, but definitely startled. I was definitely glad that Reyes was there to save her again. I figured Reyes and Bad might be the same, but they why and how are the more puzzling pieces.

7 responses to “[Read-along] First Grave to the Right 3

  1. Atticus! I’d take him as well. LOL! I would prefer him with his Irish accent. I dig Irish accents. ;)

    I also love that Reyes is a good guy, and it definitely shows some of his power, and what he’s able to do to those around him.

    Your grandma sounds awesome. I love relatives like that, the ones who can always make you smile with their personality and are fiercely protective.

  2. Your grandma sounds amazing. And it’s good you want a power to server a higher good. I thinkn I’d jsut go all crazy with mine. Ok, yeah maybe after time help a friend or two. :P

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Bones, he is fabulous! Have you read the In Death series yet? Roarke is a lot like Bones! Definitely a character you don’t want to miss out on!

  4. Your Grandma sounds like she totally rocks! Everyone needs a grams like that!

    Hm… great choices. I don’t know if you’d want them in your house at the same time… there would be too many people (namely me) trying to get in! LOL

  5. Bones is a great choice! Love him!

  6. Atticus would be my wish :) Though he would be a brunette not blond :) (Heroes are totally customization right?)

  7. Atticus with an Irish accent and Oberon as a companion would be a huge bonus. I adore them both!

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