Music Monday: Siege

I used sticky note after sticky note while reading the As The World Dies trilogy, but Rhiannon Frater. Quotes. Movie Lines. Music. Texas. All the stuff she surfaced as I read made this zombie series memorable to me. (Review for Siege)

One of the things that makes it powerful is the new relationships that bloom as the world as they know it dies. It is war and it is hell trying to stay alive, but people and love make it worth the fight. Otherwise, what are we fighting for? Jenny & Juan and Katie & Travis, plus numerous others helped make it worth it.

It is common knowledge that war is hell. It is not so well known that war is surreal. Hyperreality mixes with moments of feeling disconnected from reality. A sense of fragility is wrapped in a feeling of invincibility. Nothing about war makes sense. Nothing about it registers fully in the human senses.

War in a Zombie Apocalypse is on the Homefront. It is on your doorstep.

One response to “Music Monday: Siege

  1. Oddly enough I think that song fits really well with the first book because of the thoughts in the back of their heads!

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