Recommend A…book with a character that plays sports

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Recommend A…book with a character that plays sports

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally. This book is one of my favorite reads of 2012. Jordan not only is an awesome quarterback with a probability of playing college ball, she is just plain awesome. She is good and easy to connect with. She is surrounded by awesome friends. The romance is SWEET. (Review coming in September)

Leverage by Joshua Cohen. It hints on the great possibilities of sports, but delves deeper into the ugliness of clicks, bullies and steroids. The main characters are football players and gymnasts.

Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler. Chelsea has to find a way to live without basketball defining her.

7 responses to “Recommend A…book with a character that plays sports

  1. Great choices. I want to read all three of these, especially Catching Jordan. Sounds perfect!

  2. I knew you would go with Catching Jordan :) I will read that book. I would have gone with Jaci Burton but only because I like to stare at the covers LOL

  3. Both Playing Jordan and Leverage have been on my radar FOREVER. I just like the idea of Playing Jordan, but I heard (probably via you) that Leverage was a great book. Ha, I should do one soon so as to fill the sports tag on my Goodreads page. Apparently I like un-athletic girls in my reads…well either them, or those super girls who can survive everything like a nuclear holocaust or turning wolf or vampire or something…

    Damn I’m weird, lol.

    • Not weird. Bookishly perfect. You should give both a try.

      Leverage is so good, but was so hard observe what happened to those boys. Catching Jordan will meet your YA Contemporary fix.

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