Recommend A…blogger with similar reading taste

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Recommend A…blogger with similar taste

This is a hard one, because I have mostly YA bloggers and mostly Adult bloggers that I stalk. Sometimes we’ve read the same books and can discuss, sometimes I just add their recommendations to Goodreads. Poor Goodreads…busting at the electronic seems. The bloggers I’m going to share mix it up in a similar fashion. Mostly YA with Adult for spice. And two of these awesome bloggers already participate in this great meme…I stalked them all the way here.

Sara @ The Librarian Reads

Jess @ Gone With the Words

Smash @ Smash Attack Reads

4 responses to “Recommend A…blogger with similar reading taste

  1. You stalked us all the way here! LOL. Good reads IS busting at the electronic seams. Poor GR. *pets it*

    I am always so thrilled that you enjoy my recommendations! ♥

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