Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

Published December 2011 by Sourcebooks
284 pages
website | twitter
Genre: YA Contemporary
Source: Bought @ Half-Price Books
Rating: LOVED IT!


What girl doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn’t just surrounded by hot guys, though-she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. They all see her as one of the guys and that’s just fine. As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university.

But everything she’s ever worked for is threatened when Ty Greeen moves to her school. Not only is he an amazing QB, but he’s also amazingly hot. And for the first time, Jordan’s feeling vulnerable. Can she keep her head in the game while her heart’s on the line? (Source: Goodreads)

This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Gush. Miranda gave Jordan such a wonderful voice. I totally understand why my daughter gobbled it up in one day and I did the same. It was nice to read about a great group of people, working hard, and just trying to make their way the best they can.

Jordan is the senior QB with dreams of playing for Alabama one day. She is surrounded by a supportive family and friends. Supported by everyone, but the one’s approval she most wants. Her dad, Titan QB, doesn’t ever come to her games or toss the ball around with her. This wounds the once daddy’s girl. Her teammates make up her friends. They respect her and protect her. They cut up and hang out together.

Jordan is confident and fun, definitely a girl I would want to hang around with or one I’d be ok with my daughter to look to. She is in man’s world and she manages it well. There is only one thing she lacks…a love life. She doesn’t feel she is missing out until Ty walks into her stadium. Ty, a pretty-boy QB from Texas. All the sudden, her world shifts on its axis. Is he worth breaking her “no dating teammates” rule? Is he after her starting QB spot? What will it do to her relationships with her friends?

You get to follow Jordan through the straining and mending of relationships. Ones that will be stronger and more awesome than they were originally. Jordan also has to dig deep and explore how important football is to her. It was a beautiful journey of finding balance between a dream and what it takes to achieve it and being happy.

When following your heart is a WIN on and off the football field.

“Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to. To get something better, you know?”

I think most adults know this lesson. My husband mows lawns. Not because he loves it, because he wants to be his own boss. Sometimes this means compromise and sometimes it means taking a new path. Athletes are very aware that sometimes it means you work your tail off, so that you can do what you love. Through my daughter’s sports I see a lot of girls that want to play on game day, but they don’t want to do the work that it takes to be there.

12 responses to “Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

  1. I read this book just a couple of months ago and loved it! I need to get my review up. Great review. I am looking forward to more from this author.

  2. I have this one and I NEED TO READ IT SOON!!! Everyone who’s read it, loved it, so I’m not surprised by this review. :) It just adds to the reasons why I shouldn’t wait much longer to get to it.

  3. Ditto of Jess…I’ve been meaning to read this one forever. I think I commented this very comment on your Sports Recommend post. Blah. A one day read though…hmm…is it a stand alone as well? In which case it may move up in the TBR. I’m all alone this weekend and in the mood to lock myself in and read!

  4. I’ve heard you mention this book, and your review makes me so excited to read it! It sounds really sweet, and just looks like a great fall read. I”ll try to make it happen! Nice review, Amy :)

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